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Social Media Topic Ideas for Artists

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

50 Social Media Topic Ideas for artists

50 Social Media Topic Ideas for Artists

Social media marketing is about building a community and strengthening relationships with your audience, which means that you need to be intentional with what you post and consistent in showing up to engage with your audience.

If you're struggling to come up with things to post, other than your finished artwork, I have a list of 50 ideas to help kickstart your content strategy and planning.

Grab the free download of this list!

1. Finished Artwork

2. Works-in-Progress (detail shots)

3. Your tools

4. Your work space (the table or wall where you create your work)

5. Your studio (where you conduct all your business)

6. Your specific techniques (photos with explanations)

7. How you finish your work (varnish or sealant)

8. Framing your work

9. How to hang your work

10. Packaging your work (for shipping or travel)

11. Tip about your medium

12. History of your medium (Fun Facts, Did you know...)

13. Videos (intro to your work or you, your processes, etc)

14. Time lapse videos (of you working)

15. Commissions

16. Throwback work (Throwback Thursday)

17. Client testimonials

18. You in your studio

19. Your face (people want to KNOW you)

20. About you (fun facts, introductions)

21. Your journey as an artist

22. Your inspiration (story)

23. Photos of what inspires you (sunsets, the ocean, emotions, etc)

24. What's informing your work (books, people, places)

25. You with your work

26. You and your family

27. Your work in a house

28. Behind the Scenes (of whatever you're doing)

29. Personal updates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc)

30. Your pet(s)

31. Event announcements (I got into..., I was accepted to..., etc)

32. Show dates

33. Event details (times, maps, booth locations, address, etc)

34. Your work at events or shows

35. You at events or shows

36. Old pictures of you

37. Media features (news articles, TV spots, podcast interviews)

38. Publication features (blogs, magazines)

39. Special holidays (World Wildlife Day, National Donut Day, International Artists Day)

40. Blog posts

41. Ask your audience questions

42. Take polls (This or That - asking about your work or random fun things)

43. Gallery details

44. Sales or special offers

45. Product offers (Originals, commissions, reproductions, retail products, etc)

46. Awards or accolades

47. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

48. Your favorite things

49. Your favorite artist

50. Ask people to sign up for your email list (do this often)

Now get posting!

Don't forget to grab your free download of this list to keep on your desktop for easy planning!

For more tips on social media, check out this blog.

Find your joy!



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