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Have a piece of highly detailed and photo-realistic scratchboard wildlife artwork made just for you or someone you love! 


Melissa created a sturgeon board for my husband’s birthday. She did an AMAZING job! Every detail of the picture was impeccable and accurate. My husband was amazed by the detailing and accuracy. We love our sturgeon board. Melissa does impeccable work. I highly recommend her.


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Highly detailed wildlife portraits in a two-dimensional medium with a three-dimensional feel!

The Process


Email me with your wildlife commission ideas, species requests, and other information about your desired project.

Please include any of your own reference images that you have -- NOTE: photos found on Google can not be used as reference images due to copyright issues.


Decide what size scratchboard you would like your scratchboard to be.

Size options below.


Together, via email, we will find and decide on the perfect reference image or images for your specific project.

I have access to multiple libraries of reference images that will not have copyright issues.


After we come to a consensus on reference images and discuss all other details, you will be sent an invoice for the first 50% installment.

Sit back...Relax...and wait for a photo of your custom artwork when it is finished , for approval!

Pricing for custom scratchboard pet portrait by Melissa Helene Fine Arts, Wisconsin scratchboard artist

All pricing for custom scratchboard artwork is based on the scratchboard size.

Size                      B+W             Color

5"x5"...………….$300             $400

5"x7"...……...….$350             $475

8"x10"...………...$750            $1000

9"x12"...………...$950            $1300

11"x14"...………..$1800          $2300

12"x16"...………..$2600        $3250

10"x20"............$2800        $3500

Time To Completion

I believe that quality takes time - accuracy and likeness are my #1 priority for your custom pet portrait. Please allow 4-6 weeks from October to March. For commissions requested from April to September, please allow 8-12 weeks for completion - the summer months keep me very busy creating wildlife work for art festivals.


Read what my clients have to say about their experiences commissioning custom scratchboard artwork here!

Additional sizes are available upon request.

Request Your Commission Today!!

Let's work together to create a unique piece of wildlife art just for you!

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In 2014, before I started working in scratchboard, my sister-in-law (Valerie) asked me to create a piece of artwork - any medium - of a white tiger simply because she loved them. I had been playing with scratchboard for a little while, but was still working with the paper scratchboards that I first learned on, back in Junior High.

I knew that a white tiger would look really great on scratchboard, so I went out in search of something bigger and better than the paper scratchboards I had. Thankfully, and by sheer luck, I was living in the Twin Cities at the time and the big art supply stores in that area carry the Ampersand Scratchboards that I use today (many stores do not carry them in store)!

I bought a board and created this white tiger piece with nothing but an x-acto blade. It is the piece that started it all and it still hangs in my brother and sister-in-law's home!

Since that very first piece, I have created over 1085 original scratchboards - ranging in size from 3" round to 24"x36".

See some of my favorites in my Scratchboard Gallery!

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