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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Melissa Helene Fine Arts!  By accessing this website, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms & Conditions, all applicable copyright laws and regulations, and accept responsibility for compliance with such laws.  

All content on this website and affiliated promotional sites, such as text, graphics, logos and images, is property of the artist and protected by copyright laws.  Images and photographs may not be copied, saved, reproduced or redistributed, edited or otherwise altered without direct written permission from the artist.  This includes but is not limited to: turning images black and white, color alterations, adding text or cropping.  Artwork may not be photographed, or in any way reproduced, and redistributed or sold.  Artwork, images, and photographs may not be submitted to any contest of any kind.


Commissioned project final fees are subject to the discretion of the artist based on selected medium, size, number of subjects, estimated time to completion and delivery method - in-person delivery is preferred, but if it is not possible or a rush delivery is requested clients will be responsible for shipping costs.  Melissa Helene Fine Arts and Photography is not held responsible for artwork that is lost and/or damaged during shipping.  All prices will be established and agreed upon by the artist and client prior to start of work on the piece.  Clients will be notified of any adjustments deemed necessary by the artist during production of a piece, accompanied by a written reason for the price change.  Work on a project will cease if a disagreement on pricing occurs.  Clients are responsible for the payment of any commissioned projects started by the artist.  If a client must cancel a requested piece for any reason, it is in the discretion of the artist to decide what portion of the agreed upon fee will be due based on work completed and reason for cancellation.  Unfinished pieces will not be given to clients.


All photo sessions and accompanying details will be scheduled and determined on a case-to-case basis between the client and Melissa Helene Photography.  Locations will be mutually agreed upon, while the artist reserves the right to have the final say in deciding an appropriate location based on the needs of the client.  Sessions may be rescheduled due to weather.  The artist is not held responsible for photographs deemed less than superior quality due to inclement weather, man-made eye sores, lack of cooperation by client, interference by guests or other persons, or location specific limitations.  Client understands that there are risks involved with all sessions, especially those held outdoors, and agrees to all on-location sessions being at their own risk.  The artist will deliver images to client in a method determined by the artist.  Each session comes with the printing rights established on the "limited copyright release" accompanying images.  This allows the possessor to print images for personal use only.  Client agrees to read and abide by the rules stated in the limited copyright release. 


Please be aware that all pieces of artwork, accompanying images, and photographs are the property of the artist and may be used for advertising and promotion for any reason, in the United States and internationally.  Client gives consent to the artist to use all images of commissioned pieces and photographs at the discretion of the artist.  The artist will obtain written consent to use images of and the first name only in portraits or photos of children on the website and all other promotional sites and materials.  Images of artwork and photographs may be used for personal use and sharing.  If you choose to post images or photographs on your social networks, please give proper credit to the artist with a link to this website on each image.  The artist reserves the right to request that any image be taken down immediately if it improperly reflects upon the artist.  Any violation of the Copyright Protection Laws is punishable by law and the artist does enforce violations.


Artist reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time.  Clients are responsible for most current restrictions stated on this website.

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