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#liveonpurpose | Living with Intentionality

Intentionality! I certainly didn't come up with this - there is actually a whole movement around it - but I stumbled upon that movement after having used the hashtag on some instagram posts several times. At the time, I was using it to celebrate some intentional choices I made to do new things and shake up my day-to-day life (i.e. skydiving on a Tuesday after work). While that is still a huge part of its meaning, now I see it as a mantra for every aspect of life.

It is so easy to be sucked in to the monotonous routine of daily life and for a while I was definitely guilty of that - living for the weekends, feeling drained and stressed out all the time, and letting the things I LOVE take a backseat. Life should be about more than that and living with intentionality is the answer (at least the answer that is working for me). This doesn't mean throwing responsibility to the wind, neglecting your work, or striving to rid all monotony from your life - it means making conscious decisions about how you want to live in each moment, as well as how you want to live on a grander scale so you shape your daily life around the larger goals.

Personally, this comes into play in several ways. With the jump to full-time self-employment, I've eliminated a lot of stress and feelings of confinement from typical jobs - I hated living on someone else's schedule and dreading Monday mornings. Now, I still feel stress and anxiety from so many unknowns, but I LOVE what I'm doing and truly enjoy the time I spend working every day. Intentionality is also about purposeful connection with the people in my life - especially long-time friends who I only see a few times a year. You would be amazed how full you feel simply by making time to send a quick text or make a phone call to someone you're missing or someone who energizes you! I've also been making conscious decisions to bring more hiking and travel into my life. Hiking is an incredibly important part of my life - not only is it great exercise, but it is spiritual, it helps me recharge, it lets me see beautiful places, and it serves as inspiration to continue fighting for wildlife and wild places. I've spent years yearning for new adventures and have always found excuses not to go here or there. Well not anymore - adventure is my best friend and I'm going!

Those are just a few examples of how I #liveonpurpose, but I hope you understand where I'm going with this and can make it part of your intentional life too! Make your life something you're going to love at the end of it and love while you're living it. We've only got one life, so make it count!

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