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Year in Review: 2016 | Commissions | Pet Portraits + Portraits

This day is one of my favorite at the beginning of every single year - the day I get to share ALL of the commissions that consume the majority my time from late September through December, sometimes right up until the day before Christmas Eve. These always have great stories behind them and it is so difficult to keep them a secret for so long, but now I get to share them all!! There are beloved pets that stole their owners hearts, precious companions that have left us, dear friends who impact our lives each day, and loved ones that make life so special.

Here are the piece - I hope you enjoy!

Zoey - 5x7 scratchboard

Brenna - 5x7 scratchboard

Sam + Dustin - 12x16 graphite

Archie - 6x6 scratchboard

Arrow - 5x7 scratchboard

Kyle + Tracy - 8x10 scratchboard

Stumper - 5x5 graphite

Josh - 5x5 graphite

Arya - 5x7 scratchboard

Molly - 5x7 scratchboard

Heidi + Kevin - 8x10 graphite (this one and all the following are from earlier in the year)

Gabby - 8x10 graphite

New baby - 11x14 graphite

A Family United - 11x14 graphite

The Love of A Mother and Daughter - 8x10 graphite

Thank you for stopping by!

Information on commissioning your own unique piece of artwork can be found here!

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