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Wildlife, Nature, & Conservation Awareness | 3rd Business Initiative

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With the launch of Melissa Helene Fine Arts and Photography at the beginning of 2015, I will not only be focusing on my 'fine arts' and 'photography', but also developing a third business initiative - Wildlife, Wild Places, & Conservation Awareness through artwork and photography!

My work is greatly inspired and motivated by the natural places and creatures of this earth. I put all of myself into each piece that I create and I want to use my work for a greater cause. There are so many animal species that are in grave risk of extinction (both preciously known and completely unknown to the general public), so many natural, wild, and one-of-a-kind places that are slowly being destroyed, and so many organizations doing great work to turn these tragedies around. I want to use the gift that I was given to help save and protect the very places and things that inspire what I do.

We can all do more to help protect the biodiversity of our planet for future generations. In the coming year, I will be doing a number of things to increase my awareness of issues concerning wildlife, wild places, and conservation, but also doing my best to share that information with all of you. Just as my artwork is for me, but just as much for you - this new journey is for me, but just as much for you!

Initiative Elements:

1) Continue my Endangered Species Series on the blog that features those animals that are vulnerable and endangered, sharing general information about each species and what is threatening them.

2) Featuring conservation and other wildlife organizations that work tirelessly to protect our natural world.

3) Sharing my own nature-themed artwork and photography with corresponding information about the subject.

4) A very special project that will be happening in the spring - SNEAK PEAK - It will entail: a huge collection of wildlife artwork, a conservation organization, and your chance to get involved! *Look for more in March/April!

As always, thank you for stopping over to read my blog and for your continued support of my work, business, and new initiatives!

If you have not done so already, please 'LIKE' my page on facebook, 'follow' me on twitter and pinterest. Your comments are always welcome!

God Bless,


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