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Melissa Helene | Scratchboard Artist | [Re] Introduction

Hey there everyone! I took a little bit of a hiatus from blogging recently and am ready to get back to it, offering great new content about scratchboard artwork and processes, behind the scenes of my business and scratchboard techniques, pet portrait projects, wildlife and wild place features, new installments of my Endangered Species Series (ESS), and personal posts about adventure, travel, backpacking and hiking. I’m really excited to share my journey as we all navigate a new normal!

To start off, I’d like to [RE] introduce myself to you…some of you are seasoned supporters and others are new to my work and scratchboard!

My name is Melissa and I have been an artist my whole life. I became a scratchboard artist eight years ago and fell in LOVE with the medium. I’ll discuss the ins and outs of scratchboard in other posts here on the blog. I specialize in highly detailed, photo-realistic, black and white scratchboard wildlife and pet portrait artwork.

● I have:

- two amazing and supportive parents…without whom I would not be nearly as successful, efficient, or effective at running my business as I am today (THANK YOU!!)

- four siblings (I’m number 4 of 5…three girls, two boys), four siblings-in-law, four nephews and two nieces

● I am an ice cream and choco-holic…every day please!

● The only magazine that I read every single month is National Geographic.

● I have a self-proclaimed obsession with all things Harry Potter…books, movies, games, puzzles, clothing, accessories, artwork…and so on

● I have fallen in love with hiking and backpacking. I never knew how much I could love simply walking in nature and sometimes carrying a really heavy backpack to do it for several days at a time. I try to get out on the trail several times a week around home and take my hiking adventures to beautiful new parks and places throughout the year. National Parks…yes please!! (More on this later too)

● I love to rollerblade, play volleyball, and swing in a hammock with a good book or to take a nap.

● I travel to art festivals across the country throughout the year with my scratchboard wildlife artwork. Watch the Events page for show locations and dates.

Thank you for following my journey and don't hesitate to offer suggestions for blog topics you would be interested in.

Find your joy. - Melissa

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