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Pet Portraits | Celebrating Our Furry + Feathered Friends

Pet portraits are some of my favorite projects to work on. Not only do I love drawing and scratching animals, but pet portraits are extra special for the person commissioning them. Very often, unfortunately, these portraits are requested to celebrate the life of a beloved pet who has passed away. For anyone who has ever had a special animal friend, losing them is as hard as losing any other family member. Other times, pet portraits are commissioned to honor a special bond a person has with their pet - when they're still living. I always hear stories of charismatic creatures and special friendships. For this reason, I work so hard to render every detail and capture their true character. It brings me so much joy to create a piece of art that memorializes the life and friendship of an animal for its owner.

Dogs - Cats - Birds - Bunnies - Reptiles - Horses - You name it!!

Commissioning is easy!

Find a picture + Decide on a size + Scratchboard, Charcoal, or Graphite? + Email me!

For more information and pricing, visit the Commissions page.

Below are a few examples of pet portraits with the original image on the left, drawing on the right.

Sophie! (scratchboard)

June Bugg! (scratchboard)

George the Bunny (scratchboard)

Lucy! (scratchboard)

Haley + Simon (graphite)

Lily (colored pencil)

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