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Good Morning and happy Wednesday all!

The post today will be short and sweet. I just wanted to highlight where you can find the usual content that has been reorganized. With the coming of the new year and new business, I decided to condense information and streamline the website to make it more user friendly!

The Artwork page has been condensed to more easily showcase all the pieces available for sale and to view in a few easy galleries. There is also now information about how to commission a wildlife scratchboard piece!

The Portraiture page is similarly organized into two galleries for easy viewing - Portraits and Pet Portraits. You can also find quick information about requesting your very own portrait.

Photography has been reorganized to combine similar sessions - family, engagement, individual, etc.

The Price List and Commissions pages have been combined onto one so all of the needed information for requesting a special piece is in one place! Also take note of the new pricing system that allows you to calculate an approximate fee for your project!

I'm always looking for feedback on my website and comments about how to make it better for you. Please feel free to send a note here!

Have a wonderful day!

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