Custom Scratchboard Pet Portraits

Custom scratchboard pet portraits are a unique and personal way to celebrate and/or memorialize your beloved furry, feathered, or scaled family member in a special way! These highly detailed portraits illuminate your pets personality in a two-dimensional medium with a three-dimensional feel!

Information about how to request your very own custom pet portrait and pricing is listed below.


Requesting a custom pet portrait...

First Step  |  Review the guidelines for pet portrait reference images below. Finding a quality reference photograph is the MOST important step in commissioning a custom piece.

Second Step  |  Please send your reference images to for an initial consultation. At this time, we will discuss the quality of your images and if they will be the best fit for a scratchboard portrait.

*Melissa Helene Fine Arts reserves the right to request different images if deemed inappropriate quality


My scratchboard work is highly detailed and photo-realistic. In order to achieve the highest quality in the finished product, I must have photos with an appropriate amount of detail available. 


>>>Review the sizing and pricing.>>>

Third Step  |  After approval of your reference images, you will be sent an invoice for the 50% installment.



All pricing is based on the scratchboard size...










Time To Completion

I believe that quality takes time - accuracy and likeness are my #1 priority for your custom pet portrait. Please allow 6-8 weeks from October to March. For commissions requested from April to September, please allow 8-12 weeks for completion - the summer months keep me very busy creating wildlife work for art festivals.


Read what my clients have to say about their experiences commissioning custom scratchboard artwork here!

Additional sizes are available upon request

Business Promise

Melissa Helene Fine Arts promises to engage in all business with integrity and honesty, while contributing creatively and artistically to our local community and greater society.  I promise to provide quality products, in a timely manner, to the satisfaction of the client.  I am dedicated to celebrating both the hidden and apparent beauty of our world and using artistic expression to increase awareness of issues concerning the environment, wildlife, and conservation.

Guidelines for Reference Images and Commission Photo Examples


Please send photographs that focus on your pet's face and that have been taken in plenty of light. Electronic image files are always the best for creating custom portraits.  (iPhone photos are not preferred, but if the photo is taken with adequate light these images can work.)  

Details are CRUCIAL for capturing a true likeness and the ability to enlarge your submitted photos is equally important. Please be sure to zoom in on your animal's face to examine the detail available before submitting.

Below are examples of both great reference images with plenty of details and lower quality images that I would not be able to work with. 

*If your animal has passed away, I will work with you to compile reference images suitable for the portrait.

TIPS: For best results when taking a reference image, take your pet outside or place them near a window facing the light.

High Quality Image - DSLR camera

Low Quality Image - iPhone photos in low light 


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