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Melissa Helene, Melissa Helene Fine Arts, Wisconsin Scratchboard Artist, Wildlife Artist

I Create . . .

Black and white, photo-realistic, and highly detailed scratchboard wildlife portraits influenced by wild and endangered species from across the world.

scratchboard artwork, Melissa Helene Fine Arts

My work lives in the details and scratchboard is perfect for emphasizing the specific and fine details of a creature.

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what is scratchboard?

The Short and Simple Answer...

The scratchboard starts BLACK.

There is a layer of WHITE compressed clay underneath the black India ink.

I SKETCH the image with pencil on the board first.

I use abrasive tools to SCRATCH the black away.

Scratches are LAYERED over one another.

Different tools and techniques allow me to create specific TEXTURES.

Snow leopard, scratchboard artwork, scratchboard snow leopard, endangered species art

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Custom scratchboard pet portrait, dog portrait, animal art, animal artist


Pet Portraits

Wildlife Commissions

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On The Blog...

The inside look at my fine art business, deep dives into my techniques and processes, scratchboard lessons and tutorials, personal stories and updates, business tips and resources for other artists looking to build strong and sustainable creative businesses, and information about conservation issues and special initiatives within my business.

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Melissa Helene Wisconsin Scratchboard Artist, Wildlife Artist, Animal Artist


My husband and I found Melissa at a local art fair. We love animals and anything black and white, so as you know, Melissa’s work is breathtaking. As soon as I saw online that she offered custom pet ornaments, as a surprise, I ordered one of my husband’s Australian Shepherd. I emailed her to ask a few questions and she was prompt, friendly, and provided simple clarifications. Once it was ready, she emailed the proof for me to approve.

When it arrived, the packaging was beautiful and environmentally friendly, with a professional, yet personal touch. My husband absolutely loved it and it will be a cherished gift forever.

Thank you Melissa!

Melissa Helene Fine Arts, scratchboard custom pet portraits, client testimonial

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Melissa Helene Fine Arts, Wisconsin Scratchboard artist, wildlife artist
Melissa Helene, Wisconsin scratchboard artist, artist

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