The Schmidts | Family Session

October 9, 2016

These lovely humans are my family so this session was extra special for me!!  This is my sister, Megan's, family (more about her here) - her hilarious husband, Nicholas, who has been part of our family for literally half of my life (they started dating when I was 13!!), their three beautiful little boys, and their 90lb all black German Shepard pup, Jethro.  'Sister' is a title that I wear proudly, but 'AUNTIE' is definitely one of my favorites.  These little boys bring me so much joy, keep me on my toes, and kick my butt in all kinds of games.  


Kenny is a brilliant child (and I'm not just saying that as a biased auntie) who doesn't forget a single thing you say to him and hasn't since he was two, can read almost any book you put in front of him, is so sweet and sensitive, loves all things Christmas, and can't get enough of Mario.  Charles is his father in miniature, loves to climb and jump off of things, has absolutely no fear, loves to work on cars with his daddy, and thinks it's hilarious to call me 'Uncle Ninny' (he calls me Ninny).  Jonathan may be the baby in the family, but he's adorable and knows it, looks at you with a cute little face and then does something sassy, is the instigator and is not afraid to pick on his big brothers, and takes great pride in doing everything and anything his brothers can do.


We stopped at a gorgeous park in Waupaca, WI to take some new family photos and had a blast running across the bridges, watching the water flow by, and playing in the leaves.  I loved this session so much and am so happy to share some of the images with you!  Enjoy!


 Our little models!



 So sweet!


 Seven years (of marriage) and counting!


 Ahh these boys have my HEART!


 Mini me!


 With three little boys, these pictures were mandatory!!




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