Why You Should Pick Scratchboard for Your Custom Pet Portrait

So you’ve decided to get a custom piece of artwork made of your precious pet…here’s why SCRATCHBOARD should be your medium of choice.

1. It is RARE and UNIQUE| Though an ancient art form, scratchboard is relatively unknown within the art community and general public. You piece will truly be ONE-OF-A-KIND!

→ There are scratchboard artists spread across the globe, but compared to artists practicing in other mediums, there are very few of us around. I have yet to see another professional scratchboard artists’ work in person.

2. HIGH CONTRAST black and white | Because scratchboard has a thin black india ink layer over the white compressed clay, vibrant light is achieved in the stark contrast of jet black and brilliant white.

3. HYPER-REALISTIC | Scratchboard is the ideal medium for capturing every detail of your pet’s fur, scales, or feathers. Your custom pet portrait will be photo realistic.

4. VERSATILE in your home | Sprayed with an archival finish that protects them from UV damage, dust, and minor scratches, scratchboards can be displayed on their own on an easel or in frames without glass.

I’ve had pets my whole life, so I know how much you love your furry friend. A custom piece of scratchboard art is a truly special way to celebrate the hold they have on your heart. The process is simple and you’ll always have a piece of them with you, even after they go!


Find a reference photo (the higher the quality of the reference, the truer the artwork will be to your pet)*

Pick a size (5”x5” up to 12”x16”+)

Email me with that information, your pet’s name, and your requested completion time.

* High resolution photos that are taken in good light and in focus are best for achieving the highest quality artwork. I am now offering discounted pet portrait PHOTO sessions specifically for custom scratchboard reference photos (I come to you to take photos of your pet to be used as reference for your custom artwork).

Two different options are available: $50 BURST session (3-5 images received) or $120 FULL session (12-15 image received). Travel expenses may apply.

Check out THIS page for more on reference photo quality.

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