Megan | Portrait Session

"She is your sister. She is your mirror, shining back at you a world of possibilities. She is your witness who sees you at your best and worst and loves you anyways. She is your partner in crime. She is your sister."

Please meet Megan - MY sister! This woman! She is an athlete, enjoys scrapbooking and photographing her children, a super creative cake bakers, my hiking companion, a shoe fanatic, and excellent mechanic's assistant ;) There are so many things I could say about the person she is and hundreds of stories I could tell you about sharing a room as children, growing up together and being the best of friends, caring for each other in various ways, and how we both enjoy playing in the mud as adults! :p All of these things would shine a light on the different facets of her character, show you how she's changed throughout the years, and give you a glimpse at our relationship. I could do those things and would really enjoy reminiscing with you all. BUT looking at these pictures and thinking about how I wanted to approach this session with her, there is something else I want to share with you all.

I went into this session specifically wanting to shine a light on the amazing WOMAN that I've had the pleasure to call my sister and best friend for so many years. She's beautiful through and through and she's frequently behind the camera, just as I am. I wanted to celebrate her journey as a young woman in this life. That was my full intention prior to the session and while I was editing her images. But then I started thinking about the person she is RIGHT NOW, in this season of her life and, MAN, does that person make me so proud!

This is Megan. She is a woman, a sister, a friend, a child, a wife, and a teacher (and one hell of a teacher if I do say so myself). She wears all of these hats everyday, but the one I think she is most proud to wear RIGHT NOW, in this season, is MOMMY! She has three little boys (6, 3, and 1 - you've probably seen them at some point on my sites) and she is the most amazing mother. She gives all of herself to those beautiful blonde, blue eyed little creatures of hers and LOVES unconditionally. Though she's always wanted to be a teacher, I think this role of MOM is what she was put on this Earth to be. This hat was made in her image and she thrives! She works so hard to give those boys everything they need and some things they just want. There is no question that they are her EVERYTHING and she, like any mother, will do anything to make sure they are healthy and happy. I've had the unique pleasure to watch very closely as her boys have grown and as she has grown as a mother - she jumped into that role like she was already a seasoned mom (working in daycare, nannying, and being a teacher does help with some of those things - like diapers). Not only do her little guys make me so proud to be an AUNTIE, but she is a role model of the kind of mother I hope to be one day. We have amazing parents who raised FIVE kids together and I think we all turned out pretty well! ;) They are our forever role models, advice givers, support system, and love givers. Megan and I have a lot in common, but are also very different people. But I know that she will be my first call when I have children of my own and suddenly feel like I don't know what to do.

This is Megan. She is my sister. She is my best friend.

Oh! Here you go!

We went out to the park we spent so much time in as children - Little Plover River!

She loves her hats and capes!

Isn't she STUNNING?!

I'm so funny - she's always laughing AT me!

HOT MOMMA! And I mean that in every possible way!

Fun fact - we compared once and our eyes have the same color pattern!

I said 'oh I'm just testing' and TRUE character comes out!



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