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Portraits!! Where do I even begin. Graphite portraits is where I began so many years ago and they continue to be one of the most meaningful part of my business. I'm so blessed to be able to do portraits of lost loved ones, precious new babies, adorable siblings, amazing families, and newly wed couples. It is such an honor to be able to capture these moments for my clients and I take great pride in getting every detail just right. Below are just a few of those portraits.

Sydney + Sophie | These cuties were commissioned by their grandmother as a gift for their parents.

Rosanna | A portrait of a lovely friend!

Jonathan | Portrait of my precious baby nephew!

Elizabeth | Another lovely friend and soon to be cousin!

Baby K | What an adorable little guy, right?!

Father | Commissioned portrait for a friend of his father

Joshua + Valerie | A wedding portrait done for my brother and his beautiful wife

Here are a few more portraits that I couldn't find the original images for...

Travis | This was a very special portrait done of my best friend's brother who passed away last summer

Shumers | A couple's portrait commissioned by a coworker

Kenneth + Charles | My precious nephews done for my sister and brother-in-law

Gandalf | A portrait done just for fun!

Betty + Bob | A reproduction portrait of my late grandparents on their wedding day

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