Personal Inspiration | Nature, Reflection, and the Lord

While on a hike the other day at Minnehaha Falls and on the trail to Fort Snelling State Park, I began to reflect (as I so often do) on everything that has been going on in my life lately. Specifically, I began to think about why I love hiking and being in nature so much and why sometimes I NEED to get out of the city and immerse myself in the beautiful world that the Lord has created. After thinking about it for quite a while on my walk, I decided that it might be a fun way to explain where a lot of my inspiration comes from. So let me try and put my thought process into words...hang with me for a little while :)

Being in nature is a very calming, peaceful, and quiet experience. I can get away from the routine of daily life and take a short time to just be with myself and the Lord. At times, the hussle and bussle of city life gets to be a bit too much for me (too many cars, too many people everywhere, and too much noise) and that is when I need to just go to a park to recharge my batteries. As I often go for hours at a time, these hikes are a great form of exercise (which is an added bonus),and I really become aware of my body, as well as my thoughts. I use this time to reflect internally, as well as spiritually. On almost every solo hike I find myself on, I take several minutes to pray and thank the Lord for the many blessings in my life because without the guiding grace of the Lord, I would not be able to accomplish everything I do each day.

How, might you ask, does this all tie back to my artwork? Well it isn't hard to see a theme in my artwork - clearly I am inspired and motivated by the natural world and its creatures. I love expansive landscapes because it is in the views that I can really see and appreciate the work of His hands. It is often in these moments - next to a massive body of water, atop a giant mountain, or in a spanning field - that I feel so connected to the Lord. Creatures are precious and innocent - each one has a unique story to tell about their species or experiences. I love to capture their playfulness, regalness, or majesty in their eyes, expression, and posture.

This also connects back to my artwork because the very act of producing a piece is an incredibly spiritual experience for me. I put a lot of myself in each piece of artwork and I know that without the gift the Lord has given me, I would not be able to continue. I have been blessed with this gift and I truly believe it is my duty to use it to make the world a more beautiful place. My art is for me, but it is also for you. I hope that it brings a smile to at least one person's face each day - if it does, then I have succeeded.

Again, thank you so much for stopping by to read my post. I am blessed to have your support and thank you endlessly.

God Bless

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