Slow and Steady | Week 1: 30 Day Photography Challenge

This post is coming several days later than I intended, but a last minute trip to South Dakota for a funeral bumped writing this post way down the list of things to do! My camera did travel to South Dakota with me and days 9-12 will be posted soon.

But now I'm back and ready to share with you a few things that I've learned in my first week of the 30 Day Photography Challenge!

Going into this challenge, deep down I knew that it would be harder than I expected to make time every day to go out and take pictures. I didn't know, however, just how right I would be. No matter how hard you try to fit in a short photo shoot, life seems to get in the way every time. It has taken a lot of intentionality in my daily schedule to keep to this plan, as it is not in my nature to go out, take one picture, and call it a day. My daily excursions typically turn into a short walk and atleast 20 pictures to go through once I get back. I have needed to be very intentional about when I have time to take the pictures, where I go to get them, and how many I take. It is important that I utilize my time effectively and learn something each time I go out, not just simply snap a picture to check it off the list.

Picking and choosing categories based on where I can venture today or where I know I'll be tomorrow has been really helpful so far, but I can tell that as the challenge goes on, it will be increasingly more difficult to find the images I need to fit the remaining categories. I accept that challenge and look forward to even more experiences to learn my camera, learn about lighting, and learn about myself as a photographer.

I've got a lot of learning still to do and know that to reach my end goal of being a more confident photographer, I need to continue to be best friends with my camera and push myself even further beyond my comfort zone.

Thank you for your continued support! As always, I would love to hear from you - send your comments here!

God bless!

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