30 Day Challenge and One Year to a More Confident Photographer

First of all, thank you so much for stopping by my NEW BLOG!! to see what this is going to be all about and to share my artistic journey! I means so much to have your support! THANK YOU!!

(So here's the first one - stay tuned for a more indepth explanation of why I decided to start up the blog!)

As an artist, I am constantly changing directions and trying new things - finding new subjects, new mediums, different approaches/perspectives, and new techniques. Learning is a fun part of the art process and is something I have to do to continue to grow. I have been drawing in pencil and charcoal for years and confidently took up scratchboard in the last several months. Photography is another beautiful avenue to capture so many different elements of life and has always been an interest of mine, but everything beyond the basic skills and techniques has alluded me. I have not taken the time to really learn my Canon DSLR intimately.

A conversation with a friend earlier this year, however, has changed all that. A childhood friend asked me to be the photographer for her wedding!! A WEDDING!? I was completely humbled by her request and honored to play such a huge role in her special day, but completely freaked out at the same time. I was not anywhere near the level of skill or confidence I would need to be at to feel comfortable shooting a wedding. BUT I said yes, thus committing myself to a year of steep learning curves, hours of practice, and to a new best friend - my camera!

And so the learning has begun (slowly so far) and what better way to force myself to see things differently, view the world a little differently, and jump into the deep end of photography than to start a 30 Day Photography Challenge - (at least) one photo every day, a different subject every day from a predetermined list for the full 30 days. I won't be doing this on my own, thankfully. Traveling on this journey with me will be my wonderful sister, Megan (Leigh's Photography), who also has a passion for photography, hasn't been as dedicated as she would like to be, and who will serve as my second photographer for the wedding. So onward we go and as soon as the school year is over (she's a teacher), we will begin learning together.

I truly look forward to sharing the journey with everyone, seeking advice, comments, and any support people are willing to give. Thank you for your support thus far in my artist journey through life. I am truly blessed.

30 Day Challenge scheduled to begin Sunday, June 8th, 2014!!!

Stay tuned for LOTS of pictures to come!

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